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hunkai is moving!

after thinking for some while, i think it’d be better if i move the blog and start anew since the blog has been really messy since the other admin (baekhyun) became really busy and being the only one to manage it makes me become super lazy, heheh.

i’m making a new blog, and the url will be teleportingwinds. sweet, huh? and the good news is, i might be able to follow some blogs back. \o/ anyways, please message me if you want to be an admin, i’ll choose 2 dedicated sekai fans who’s active and are willing to make gifs or edits for the blog!!

hunkai has been running  for almost 6 months since april 2012, and i appreciate the amount of followers i’ve gained since the past 6 months. please continue supporting the blog!! ok ciao brb staring at sehun’s ass

the meteors fall so heavily: wouldn’t it be nice18,932; rjongin/sehun; baekhyun/chanyeolmaybe if we...


wouldn’t it be nice
18,932; r
jongin/sehun; baekhyun/chanyeol
maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true
a/n: super long birthday fic full of cheese and gratuitousness for donghai because the birthday girl gets what she wants. beach au.

They sort of regret letting…